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miércoles, 8 de noviembre de 2017

* News in store & November free with purchase *

 Hi guys!

This are the new CU packs I made for my stores 

And this is the November free with purchase pack that you will
receive if you email me your payment receipt to

sábado, 28 de octubre de 2017

* New CU pack in stores *

Hello everybody!New "Designer CU Mix 79" in my stores!!
for your winter, snowed, holidays projets or scrapkits.

Take a look in your favorite!
 *** Scraps & Co
USD 1,50 All my products - Thursday Madness (great discounts each week) - BMS USD 40,00 - Build your own Bundle USD 9,00 (x 10 packs at your choice)

USD 2,00 Almost all my products 

USD 2,00 Almost all my products / 50% OFF on Sundays

 *** CUS store 
Ramdom discounts to ramdom products all the month

✔️ *** TKO Scraps
USD 2,00 Almost all my products

🆓 *** FREE With Your Purchase ***
With any amount of purchase in any of my stores you will get FREE the awesome pack you see in the previews below. Please, send me an email to with your payment receipt. Thank you!

viernes, 27 de octubre de 2017

* SnCO Halloween Madness *

Hello everybody!!
Halloween Madness is HERE!

Take a look in my shop

Build your own Bundle is here

BMS is here

If you wanna know more about the deals, please contact me!

jueves, 26 de octubre de 2017

* 5th Annual Bibi Collection Blogtrain: Ghouls & Goblins *

 Hello everybody!!

I'm so sorry because I was MIA but I'm back to my blog with this awesome Blogtrain!!

My part is here 

(click in here for download)

I would appreciate so much if you can take a second to LIKE my Fanpage too

And  please, take a look to the other blog stops and collect lot
of fantastic items  just click here

If you wanna get more freebies & news, join my Fangroup

If you wanna get all my new releases and exclusive packs not in sale
in any of my stores just take a look here for more info here

Thanks so much for your lovely comments!!

martes, 29 de agosto de 2017


Hello everybody!!
👉👉👉The raffle's time is finally here!!
In this part of the world the spring is coming... so as it is usual in this nice season to renewal and clean our houses ... What do you think about get lot of new stuff in your computer to add a new touch to your designs or scrapkits?
To participate in the raffle you must to email to
sending the receipt of any purchase you make from today and until Sept 20th. All receipts are valids if you buy at least USD 5,00 in one purchase in any of my stores (my personal store is included. Purchases of Vip memberships are EXCLUDED).

More receipts you send more chances you have to win.
So you can make different purchases in differents or the same store and you will have extra chances of win one or more of this prizes!!

(The effective list of prizes will be posted on my Fanpage on Sept 20th because I could add more prizes depending on the amount of receipts that customers have sent).
If you have some doubt please contac me.

lunes, 14 de agosto de 2017

* The newest packs in store *

Hello everybody!!
This are the lastest packs I made in this month.
You can find them in my stores!

miércoles, 2 de agosto de 2017

* New CU packs in store *

Hello everybody!!

New CU packs released in stores!!
You can find them in:
✔ *** Diry Art Designs StoreYa
Pm me before purchase to get a 50% OFF coupon code
✔ *** Scraps & Co
USD 1,00 to USD 1,25 each pack until Aug 2nd
then 50% OFF
✔ *** DigiGraphicDesigns 
50% OFF all my products 
✔ *** Render Art World 
50% OFF 
✔ *** CUS store 
Ramdom discounts to ramdom products all the month
✔️ *** TKO Scraps 
50% OFF